Stemme Owners' Group


This group is an information sharing resource for owners and operators of Stemme aircraft.

Stemme aircraft are produced by Stemme AG
A small assortment of Stemme aircraft photographs is available here.
SOG Mail Server
The SOG mail server administration site and archives are available to members of SOG, and are password protected.  At the SOG screen reached by the link above, enter your email address and password.  To obtain your password, use the facility on that screen to have it emailed to you.

The list server contains all the messages that have been posted to SOG since its inception.

The list is a closed group for owners or pilots of Stemme aircraft, those maintaining them, and others designated by the Stemme organization.  If you qualify and wish to be added to the list, please contact the list admistrator via the links on the mailing list page.

Please note that the list is not open to prospective Stemme aircraft owners, and those interested in acquiring one of these wonderful aircraft are invited to contact one of the Stemme sales agencies noted above or to consult Internet resources such as the rec.aviation.soaring Usenet newsgroup.